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New State-of-the-Art Classified Listing Site Just Launched!

Tackett, the owner of 350 classified listing sites and 5,000 automotive domains has modeled all of his sites on popular search queries in order to drive organic traffic (buyers) to those sites. Says Tackett, “The key is in drumming up enough inventory for the sites to rank in the search engines. The exact number of vehicles needed on a site to goose Google into ranking it isn’t exactly known, but it’s a heck of lot of iron”. Once his sites become searchable, they tend to achieve a fairly high organic rank and attract a lot of car shoppers which puts smiles on the faces of his listing dealerships.’s sister site is which was recently launched as a free listing site available to any licensed used car dealer in the industry in the US and Canada. actually gets up to one million exact match search queries per month before any advertising even kicks in and is projected to sign close to 30,000+ dealers when all is said and done. is launching at the beginning of its sister’s dealer sign up campaign which to some may seem conflictual. According to Tackett, the key to selling a car online is visibility, “we have 350 listing sites and I’m more than willing to accommodate any dealer who wants to get his or her inventory as visible as possible on our sites…which by the way, are sites that have carried zero advertising on to date. Paying to list on a classified site is a pure advertising investment, why would I pay for ridiculous listing fees and lead fees and advertising and then have some other dealer’s ads distract a potential customer from my listings? It makes no sense”.

He went on to state that he sees no conflict in getting dealer inventory loaded up for free on, and offering them high visibility on the new site as well. “It’s all good, we like the model of a basic referral site option, that’s why Craigslist outperforms all of the major automotive classified sites hands down when it comes to making car sales…and that’s the bottom line to our ever-growing client base.

Written by Taylor Buchanan

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