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It’s not just about 4 square selling, or grinding away at forlorn folks who happen to cruise into your dealership.  Sales is a science. It’s a psychological, sociological, technological, and cultural process that is as complex as any human interaction there is.  Our articles elucidate “sales best practices”, in ways that will give you a better understanding of human behavior and how to best use the available tools at your disposal to sell more cars and create lifelong relationships and friends along the way.

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Dealership News’ Midday Report – 2018 Vendors of the Year

Dealership News’ first Midday Report for 2019 where whe mention all our Vendor’s of the Year. These are vendors that we have determined to say what they mean and deliver on what they say.

Dustin Baumis with CoVideo

Our tool showcases you on your best days. Our team helps you handle your worst. Whether you’re using Covideo for video email, product demos, sales, or customer support, we believe in the power of your message amplified through video.

Newcomer Rockstar Auto Conference Reinvents Conference Experience

 Portage, MI, February 13, 2019 — There is a new conference in town! The Rockstar Auto Conference is named the 2018 Vendor of the Year by Dealership News for the Automotive Conference Category.   In only the second year of its inception, The Rockstar Auto Conference has been recognized for…

2018 General Manager of the Year

Interview: John Crooks is the current Nissan General Manager of Sansone Jr's 66 Automall in Neptune, New Jersey. With 20 years of experience in the car industry, he began his career with a 7-year background in finance and he has held the position of General Manager for 5 years counting....

2018 Vendors of the Year

Congrats to’s Vendors of the Year!   To become a Vendor of the Year, you have to serve our industry with excellence.  Excellence includes not only having an effective platform or service, but great attention to those who have invested in you.  It’s not necessarily the biggest vendors we...

Vendor Comparison

Each month, DealershipNews gives to the bottom line on which vendors perform and which ones don't. Category: CRM Software Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis gravida nec eros sed rhoncus. Etiam consequat dapibus diam, vitae hendrerit risus vehicula eu. Vivamus condimentum tristique nunc sit amet ullamcorper. Vendor...

Podcast Interview: Shelley Washburn of GSM

Not all dealerships are prepared to handle their traffic during busy times or after a big campaign. This is part of what GSM helps them do.

Branding Yourself

Steve Roessler, aka Jimmy Neutron, explains why branding yourself through personalized videos is the best way to communicate, influence and retain customers.


What were you doing the day of the Eclipse? We are SELLING! Welcome to the DriveCentric Family, Abeloff Auto Group. You can take off your glasses now….It’s time to go

David Tarczynski of Carcasm Discusses Web Services

Listen to the Podcast audio.

Patrick McMullen of Chats With Dealership News

Listen to the Podcast audio.

Video is the Way of the World!

Paul J. Daly discusses the evolution of Rim Doc and Image Auto!

Why Podium is the Dealer’s Choice for Reputation Management

Would YOU choose you?

(GUEST BLOG) Auto Dealership Increased Results with Website Provider

It just makes sense that a family-centered auto dealership priding itself on relationships would result from a solid foundation of friendship. In the case of Atlas Motors, that was co-owners Mike Lewis and Andy Baltz’s friendship-turned-partnership when the dealership opened its doors seventeen years ago. “On my first day in…

Taking Time with Alan Dickie

Alan Dickie talks about his work, the automotive industry, and how dealerships can get a lot better! Listen to the Podcast audio.

Bill Wittenmyer of ELEAD1ONE Talks Automotive!

Listen to the Podcast audio.

Interview with Mike Jarman of MobAuto

Listen to the Podcast audio.

Interview with Cathleen Lewis, Executive Recruiter for Lithia Motors

Listen to the Podcast audio.

Interview with Larry Tabloff of Digital Dealership System

Listen to the Podcast audio.

Quickcast: JD Byrider Interview with Aaron Hershey

Listen to the Podcast audio.

Vicimus is on the Podcast and Moving Fast Into 2018

Software helps your R.O.I.

The Affordable Vendor Every Dealer Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2018

Many of the bigger franchise and Indie dealerships have a hard time attributing where their leads come from. Typically, a single lead may touch a number of different advertising and classified platforms at any given point in the shopping process, including the dealer site itself. Dealers feel they need to…

Dealership News: Top 2 Automotive Vendors of the Year Award

There are a heck of a lot of vendors serving the automotive industry and a lot of really good ones to boot. We’ve done our research, compared reviews, and made a few calls to determine customer satisfaction. We decided that our top 2 picks for 2017 are truly the cream…

DealerLeads: An Exception to the Rule of Automotive Marketing Online

As I search the web for positive reviews about outstanding vendors serving the automotive industry, I tend to have a hard time finding legitimate 5-star reviews about anyone. It’s not that outliers don’t exist, it’s just difficult to identify them through a miasma of bogus review sites, poorly written press…

Dealership For Life: Majoring in Customer Rentention Stategies

Listen to the Podcast audio.

COO Tracie Costabile of Dealer Analytics Discusses Google Analytics

Listen to the Podcast audio.

Automotive News Marketing 360 Luncheon Highlights

Listen to the Podcast audio.

Cory Mosely Takes a Time Out with Dealership News!

Listen to the Podcast interview audio.

Interview with Chris Montgomery of Social Ordeals

Listen to the Podcast interview audio.

Steve Roessler Goes #LiveWithDrive

Listen to the Podcast interview audio.

Gary LoCicero of Crystal Fusion Technologies Pitches Windshield Shielding!

Listen to the Podcast interview audio.

Flick Fusion’s Christine Little: Verifies Veracity of Video Marketing

Listen to the Podcast interview audio.

Brandin Wilkinson Discusses His New Book “Rethink Selling”

Listen to the Podcast interview audio.

Click Dealer Shares Stats

Click Dealer’s partnership with leading live chat provider, Visitor Chat has seen as many as 187 retailers sign up for the cutting-edge customer interaction software since they joined forces back in January. Visitor Chat is the most widely used provider of dealer live chat in the UK, providing its solution…

“UsedCarsForSale.Com” is Every Car Dealerships BFF

The domain, just recently sold for $340,000.00. It was the largest purchase of a domain name in the automotive industry since in 2008 and in 1999. This adds to an extensive list of domains (5,000) owned by Steve Tackett that are predicated on behaviorally targeted “Exact Match”…

What is DealerLeads?

What sets DealerLeads apart from all other vendors in automotive marketing is a massive 350 site-strong syndication network of behaviorally targeted classified sites that drive large volumes of traffic and leads directly to a client's websites OR rings their phones. There is no sharing of leads, all leads are 1st...

A Chat Brittany Hibdon at IADAC

While at the IADAC Conference in Lake Tahoe, we took a few minutes to chit chat with the used car Queen of Orland, Ca. Brittany Hibdon. Dealership News: As a woman owner/operator, do you find it gives you an advantage or a disadvantage in dealing with customers? Is it easier…

Millennial Marketing Uses Facetime-like Technology

The so-called “millennial movement” has arrived at a time of heightened, “in your face at every turn” advertising, and according to numerous studies, they have summarily rejected it. Aside from turning off to “old school” push advertising and pushy salesmen, another aspect of this movement is the concept of doing…

Pow Wow with Jason Knight of LOTLINX

DN: Since some of your marketing will no doubt include a concise explanation of what you do, what would your elevator pitch sound like? JK: We know people are in the car market these days and no one wants to give up their personal info anymore, that’s why we got…

Taking Ten with Bill Wittenmyer of ELEAD1ONE

DN: What are your thoughts about the direction dealers are taking these days in regards to the ever-changing digital marketplace? BW: These days, you see a mixture of dealers going with what they know. There are still some old dinosaurs out there, but in this industry, if you don’t reinvent…

Cary Greenberg Discusses Reputation Marketing

We caught up with Cary Greenberg at the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo and sat down with him for ten minutes to capture his views on the state of our industry from the perspective of a company who focuses on reputation marketing to an industry that has long been reputation…

Interview: Napoleon Rumteen explains automotiveMastermind

Naploeon discusses the behaviour prediction software behind automotiveMastermind